• Jessica Frost

Jumping Nich-o-las 🙌

This syllable game helps kids break words into syllables starting with their name. I used coloured paper and taped 3 sheets to his play-mat (you could really use anything including hula-hoops, string, painters’ tape, etc.) How to play:👇 1. Say your child’s name and demonstrate how to break their name into syllables by clapping and listening carefully to the different parts.👂 2. Ask your child to say their name and then jump on the papers, one paper for each syllable in their name. 3. Once they are finished, count the number of papers they jumped on to confirm how many syllables there are in their name. ▫️ We did this 4 times using words that Nicholas is familiar with. We started with his name and then played with the following words: ba-na-na🍌, Jess-i-ca💁‍♀️, Jin-ja🐱(Nicky chose this one #sagomini fan). ⭐️Playing games like this helps develop your child’s phonological awareness, a pre-cursor to reading development. Happy Jumping!!!⭐️

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