• Jessica Frost

I'm Creative.

If I say the words, I’ll believe them right?!?

In fact, I’m just starting to believe this.

I work with an extremely talented and inspiring colleague, Tina Zita. As we were chatting one day about modern learners and our side projects, I told her that I do not consider myself a creative person. I told her how I’ve tried to be creative. How I’ve tried to learn to paint by copying my Grandmother’s paintings; how my husband is creative and has encouraged me to explore photography and painting and think deeply about the arts and creating inventions; how I started a blog years ago only to quit documenting my educational learning; and how I’ve now begun my Instagram journey as Modern Learning Mom in an attempt to curate play-based learning ideas. Tina said, “Jessica, everyone can be creative. I have a book you should read.” She gave my Austin Kleon’s book, Steal Like An Artist:10 things nobody told you about being creative. In this quick read, Kleon presents ten transformational principals that will help readers discover their creativity. I wish I could now give this book to anyone who, like I did, thinks they are not creative or feels their ideas are not original and maybe even just not good enough. The ideas presented in Modern Learning Mom are not always new or necessarily “original”; they come from researchers, bloggers and education's thought leaders who inspire me to create learning opportunities for children that guide their literacy and numeracy development. Kleon’s book has taught me that it’s my spin, what I bring to the table, and how I build upon and transform the ideas of those who inspire me into something new – that’s what makes me, modern learning mom, creative. So as I continue to curate play-based learning activities for my son, and share them with the world, and as I continue to learn to take photographs and marry them with educational experiences, I’m learning that I am artistic and creative, and that is empowering. I’ll say it again, in an attempt to believe it deeply.

I’m creative.

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