• Jessica Frost

Favourite Toys

What is your child’s favourite toy? I often watch Nicky and wonder about why he gravitates to certain toys more than others. This wooden bus has always been one of his favourites. When I listen closely he’s engaged in a pretend play scenario where his friends are singing The Wheels on the Bus 🎶 and helping each other with opening and closing the bus door. This pretend play shows that he’s taking his understanding of the world around him and connecting it to his own interests. He almost always play with this bus in the same spot so I’m going to add some additional materials to possibly extend this play. Maybe a ramp for the bus to travel down a “hill” or some traffic lights to practise green means go and red means stop. Tags - #playbasedlearning #play #learningthroughplay #woodentoys #earlylearning #pretendplay #pretendplaymoments #preschooldays #modernlearningmom