• Jessica Frost

Exploring Light and Shadow

Nicky discovered his S H A D O W! Exploring light and shadow using natural and/or man-made sources of light is an excellent way to teach children about light, shadow, and reflection. We were at the park when I took this picture but, if you were at home, you could have your child trace their shadow with sidewalk chalk and observe how their shadow would move throughout the day. Nicky would have loved that! You could ask your child the following open-ended questions: How do you think the shape of a shadow can change? How might your shadow change depending on the time of day? How could you make your shadow longer or shorter? Now I’m on the hunt for picture books that talk about shadows...any recommendations??? Tags - #learningthroughplay #naturalcuriosity #kidsscience #inquirybasedlearning #playbasedlearning #exploringlight #shadows #reggioinspired #modernlearningmom