• Jessica Frost

Counting Chocolate Chips

Calling all little bakers! This easy to set-up counting activity requires the following materials:

-cut-out numerals (1-10)

-baking tray and spatula

-chocolate chips

-a Sharpie

-paper cookies


I printed off some plain cookies from Google images, cut them out, and used a Sharpie to draw on the chocolate chips. I made cookies with up to 10 chocolate chips so that we could start with counting to 5 and then move up to counting to 10. It’s important that the chips are scattered because it makes them harder to count. I then asked questions like, “May I please have a cookie with 3 chocolate chips?” As Nicky was looking for the cookie, I encouraged him to use real chocolate chips as counters to cover the drawn-on chips as he counted them (by the end we had a bit of a chocolatey mess 🤪). This strategy helps kids keep track when counting unordered collections. Once the correct cookie was found, we placed it on the numeral that represented the number of chocolate chips. I found this activity on Doug Clement’s Learning Trajectories website and only altered it slightly. It’s important to me that I’m intentionally choosing activities that are developmentally appropriate and research-based. This activity helps kids practise counting and develop one-to-one correspondence. If you would like to read more about the developmental stages of counting and consider where your child may be, I’ve included a free handout below. 😊

Developmental Levels for Counting