C R E A T I V E P L A Y🌈✨

Just added these rainbow semi-circles to our Grimm’s collection! I can see how you might see these in a store and think, “What will my kid do with that?!?” If you’re in doubt or need some design inspiration, just search #grimms to see some amazing creations. These open-ended toys foster creativity and critical thinking skills; there are just so many ways to create. This👆is a pic of the condo Nicky built. He says it has a garage and more than one floor.☺️ Next, we are going t

How many LEGO pieces tall is this bean plant? 🌱

How many LEGO pieces tall is this bean plant? 🌱👆 A little provocation to get Nicky thinking mathematically. Inviting kids to measure items using non-standard units (LEGO, paper clips, small blocks, etc.) is a stepping stone to using standard units (mm, cm, m, etc.). Also, asking kids to estimate the height before measuring, and explain their thinking to you, will support the development of reasoning and problem solving skills.🌱📎 #mathisfun #LEGO #legokids #preschoolactivi

Jumping Nich-o-las 🙌

This syllable game helps kids break words into syllables starting with their name. I used coloured paper and taped 3 sheets to his play-mat (you could really use anything including hula-hoops, string, painters’ tape, etc.) How to play:👇 1. Say your child’s name and demonstrate how to break their name into syllables by clapping and listening carefully to the different parts.👂 2. Ask your child to say their name and then jump on the papers, one paper for each syllable in thei

Rethinking Fun

As I reflect on the summer, I can’t help but be inspired to re-enter the school year with an enhanced creative lens. Working at Sago Mini has inspired me to find the FUN in all teachings, no matter how big or small. This was something that I saw, felt, and heard time and time again whether it was from play designers, artists, or developers. If you aren’t familiar with Sago Mini’s products they are amazing! A couple of years ago, my sister-in-law, Kerry, introduced me to the T

Favourite Toys

What is your child’s favourite toy? I often watch Nicky and wonder about why he gravitates to certain toys more than others. This wooden bus has always been one of his favourites. When I listen closely he’s engaged in a pretend play scenario where his friends are singing The Wheels on the Bus 🎶 and helping each other with opening and closing the bus door. This pretend play shows that he’s taking his understanding of the world around him and connecting it to his own interests

Exploring Light and Shadow

Nicky discovered his S H A D O W! Exploring light and shadow using natural and/or man-made sources of light is an excellent way to teach children about light, shadow, and reflection. We were at the park when I took this picture but, if you were at home, you could have your child trace their shadow with sidewalk chalk and observe how their shadow would move throughout the day. Nicky would have loved that! You could ask your child the following open-ended questions: How do you

Rethinking Word Choice

Nicky was admiring some kids’ creations at the park and it reminded me of a book I read years ago that really helped me understand the impact our words have on kids. One major take-away was replacing the saying, “I’m so proud of you” with “You should be so proud of yourself.” That little shift in words helps reinforce for kids the importance of self-love and self-motivation. I hope these kids were proud of their works of art in the park because Nicky said, “Wow Mommy. It’s be

Fostering Creativity in Toddlers

An artist in the making! I absolutely love the Scribble Collection from Pippa and Peach. Nicky loved colouring his Grow Along Scribble Tee and was creating a little story as he did it. “This rocket is for Daddy, this star is Val’s, and this is Mommy’s.” He now wears his masterpiece proudly and was talking to anyone who would listen about it. We used washable markers so that Nicky can recolour his shirt again and again, but you can use Sharpies or even fabric markers if you wa

Develop literacy skills by reading ENVIRONMENTAL PRINT

Environmental print is the everyday print around us in signs, logos and labels. Young children develop early reading skills by “reading” this type of print long before they are able to formally decode words. Kids will recognize the M in the MacDonald’s sign, read Cheerios on the cereal box, or read GO because they recognize the GO Train logo. Environmental print is important because it’s one way that kids first learn to read and recognize words. So the next time you’re out an

Buying Educational Toys

What makes you buy certain toys for your kids and why is thinking about what you buy important? It's well documented that when children play they are learning! While playing children have the opportunity to practise many skills and competencies including creative thinking and problem solving. Having open-ended toys (toys that there isn’t one right way to play with them) is important because they allow kids to engage in play that gives them the opportunity to explore their nat

I'm Creative.

If I say the words, I’ll believe them right?!? In fact, I’m just starting to believe this. I work with an extremely talented and inspiring colleague, Tina Zita. As we were chatting one day about modern learners and our side projects, I told her that I do not consider myself a creative person. I told her how I’ve tried to be creative. How I’ve tried to learn to paint by copying my Grandmother’s paintings; how my husband is creative and has encouraged me to explore photography

Promote Curiosity and Wonder with Virtual Reality

I'm learning all about virtual reality and it's potential as a teaching and learning tool! VR is so much more than just playing games. There are a range of apps from exploring Canada to learning about different occupations. You can buy cardboard googles that are engaging and affordable at about $25 dollars. Once you have the googles, all you do is download the the VR apps onto your smartphone and then insert your phone into the googles. My son is still too young for these bu