Lock Robots

I spy a growing robot pattern waiting for the bus.🚍 Flip and rotate these @lockrobots to connect them in creative ways and build spatial reasoning. We built a growing number pattern and counted each robot in the stacks - in a robot voice, of course.🤖😁 #fostercreativity #sponsored #mathisfun #earlylearning

How many LEGO pieces tall is this bean plant? 🌱

How many LEGO pieces tall is this bean plant? 🌱👆 A little provocation to get Nicky thinking mathematically. Inviting kids to measure items using non-standard units (LEGO, paper clips, small blocks, etc.) is a stepping stone to using standard units (mm, cm, m, etc.). Also, asking kids to estimate the height before measuring, and explain their thinking to you, will support the development of reasoning and problem solving skills.🌱📎 #mathisfun #LEGO #legokids #preschoolactivi


Learning to count is more complicated than it sounds and involves more than just rote counting or calling out numbers in sequence. One game we love to play is SMASH IT and it’s so easy! How to play:👇 1. Invite your child to build a tower and count the number of objects stacked. (Nicky counted 6 blocks in that tower in the lower left hand corner.) 2. Then ask your child to SMASH IT, gently of course 😉🤪, and they love to do this anyway! (I did remove the blocks around the to