Valentine's Day Letter Hunt💕

This super easy-to-set-up learning activity has kids learning letter names in a playful way. These beautiful wooden letters are double-sided uppercase and lowercase (win win!) and the mini-tongs help develop fine-motor skills! ⭐️ #keepingbusy #snowday #playallday #earlyliteracy #letterhunt

Adding print to P L A Y 🍉

One way to support developing readers and build their vocabulary is to add labels and print to their play. These natural birch rounds from @steppingstonesshop were perfect for supporting a 3-minute lesson on building the word store and the initial sound /s/.🌿 #reggioinspired #earlyliteracy #playbasedlearning

Jumping Nich-o-las 🙌

This syllable game helps kids break words into syllables starting with their name. I used coloured paper and taped 3 sheets to his play-mat (you could really use anything including hula-hoops, string, painters’ tape, etc.) How to play:👇 1. Say your child’s name and demonstrate how to break their name into syllables by clapping and listening carefully to the different parts.👂 2. Ask your child to say their name and then jump on the papers, one paper for each syllable in thei